Install yEd graph editor on Ubuntu

yEd is famous free graph editor. yEd is written in Java and cross platform, it means it can be installed on most of Operating system like Windows, Unix like, Linux , Mac OS etc. It is best alternate of Dia.

We can create different types of graph by using yEd, some of them are listed below which are generally used by user –

1. flowcharts
2. network diagrams
3. UML diagrams
4. BPMN diagrams
5. mind maps (# Mind Mapping is fun, know more about Mind Map)
6. organization charts
7. Entity Relationship diagrams.

For more information on latest release, highly recommend you to read release notes.

Installing yEd on Ubuntu

As yEd is based on Java hence installation of Java is essential.
Learn how to install Java on Ubuntu system.

In case java is not installed on your system , do not worry the installation script will do it for you.

Download the yEd installation script from

The yEd website will automatically detect your Operating System architecture and offer to download the script.


The script which we downloaded its name was, when you will download latest package the script name will be different.

Now make your downloaded yEd installation script excutable.
Replace with the name of yEd installation script which you downloaded.

sudo chmod +x 

For Example:

sudo chmod +x

Now installing via script. Run below given command.

sudo sh 


sudo sh

The java script will run and show installation windows to follow the steps.
Installation is quite simple, for default values just do click Next.. Next … Finish .
Do not forget to accept license agreement also.







Once installation is finished, open the Dash home on your Ubuntu system and type yEd .
The yEd icon will appear , click on it and enjoy making diagrams on yEd.