Find Linux Operating System architecture installed on system

In this post we will quickly share the commands, which will help to find linux operating system architecture installed on system. Most of the time system admin or linux user requires to know which Linux OS architecture is installed. Mostly , while installing or developing the package or software we need this information. Whereas it also helps in file system related troubleshooting.

Here, we are sharing two commands which you will find in most of the Linux as well as Unix operating system.

Command 1 : Using uname command . This command is always available on Linux / Unix like Operating system (BSD/AIX/Sun Solaris/HP UX).

uname -m

Arguments detail:
-m = print the machine hardware name

Below given is reference from our system.

[root@server ~]# uname -m
[root@server ~]#

For more learning on uname command , use command man uname .

Command 2: Using arch command. This command also prints the the OS architecture.And it is also available on most of the Linux/Unix systems.


Below given is reference from our system

[root@server ~]# arch
[root@server ~]#





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