How to install linux operating system in remote machine with telnet

In this tutorial we will learn,how to install linux operating system in remote machine with telnet.
Sometimes you do not want to keep standing in front of system for installation process.In this practical we will use telnet to install linux O.S in remote machine.We are doing this practical in CentOS 6.5

Install Linux O.S in Remote machine with telnet

Step 1:
Insert the bootable media in system. Now start the machine

Step 2: On getting first screen where it asked for installation and upgradation.Select Install and upgrade existing system and press TAB key from your keyboard. Then after this write the command in given below format.

linux text telnet ip=Give-IP-Address netmask=Give-Netmask

See given below screenshot for reference

installing linux with telnet

Step 3: If your system has more than one ethernet card then select the ethernet name on which you want to assign the ip address in Step 1 .
After a few seconds ,on screen you will get the message Waiting for telnet connetion

installing linux with telnet

Step 4: Now go to your desk and from your system run the command in terminal

telnet ip-address-which-you-have-assigned

for eg. I have set,then I will open terminal and run the command like this


Just after hitting telnet command, you will get the remote machine screen in text mode.Now you can start the installation steps from your system

linux installation with telnet

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