GUI : Format USB drive on Ubuntu

In this post we are sharing step by step method of how to format USB drive on Ubuntu through GUI (Graphical User interface). The use of USB pen drive is common now a days, a storage you can keep in your pocket.

Sometimes you want to format the USB pen drive and you have awesome Ubuntu linux system. We also have command line mode to format the USB pen drive. But in this post ,we will show you how to go through with GUI i.e Graphical User interface.

Step 1 : Open Dash home and type Disks. You will see Disks icon , click on it . It will show number of Devices.
See below screenshot.


Step 2 : Now click USB Drive or thumb drive.


Step 3: Click on gear icon and select Format option.


Step 4 : Click on Erase drop down button. And select as per your preference. We have selected “Overwrite existing data with zeroes (slow)”


Step 5 : Click on Type drop down button and select as per your preference.
We have selected “Compatible with all system and devices (FAT)”


Step 6 : In next screen click on Format button to start formatting.
Wait for a few minutes, it will take time to complete. After finish, eject out the pen drive safely.


2 thoughts on “GUI : Format USB drive on Ubuntu”

  1. Thank you for showing me (a noob) how to format using this method. If this doesn´t work then it will be the chopping block in the backyard for the 16G usb drive. 🙂

    • Hey Rodney!

      I like your hilarious comment plus thanks for the feedback.
      “there’s a will there’s a way” – sometimes many people do mistake while doing formatting of USB drive through terminal commands so they should gparted which has GUI.


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