Nagios monitoring on AWS Autoscaling group instances

Setting Nagios monitoring alerts on instances behind the AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) is always tricky part. In this post, we will learn how we can monitor the instances which are created by autoscaling policy and running behind the ELB. We expect our reader do have good knowledge on scripting, nagios and AWS comptuting. This […]

Postfix + SES : SASL authentication failed

After configuring AWS SES service with Postfix, you may have found error in logs – SASL authentication failed . The error will not allow you to send email from server by using AWS SES service. Reasons For Error : SASL authentication failed 1. Incorrect Credential : (a) Many times the “SASL authentication failed” error happened […]

Send nagios report as pdf file via email

The tutorial will give you idea, how you can send Nagios Report as pdf file via email. We will achieve this requirement, with the help of script and using wkhtmltopdf command line tool. We will set the Nagios Report script in crontab and send it via email to receiver person/team. In our previous post we […]

Convert website page to pdf and image

To convert website page to pdf and image is very useful for various reasons. This kind of requirement you may have seen while making any report and we need to convert website page to pdf or image. Recently, we got requirement to create website page to pdf for some report. Actually the report was displaying […]

Python headers are required to build Mercurial but weren’t found

While installing Readthedocs package inside Virtual Environement on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS , I found this error “Python headers are required to build Mercurial but weren’t found in /usr/include/python2.7/Python.h” . It seems the dependency issue with header files for python. So what should be fix for this issue. It is very simple, we have to installed […]

Install Ansible on Ubuntu / CentOS / RHEL

In our first post on Ansible, we will learn how to install Ansible on Ubuntu / CentOS / RHEL . In the world of IT automation tools, Ansible name is famous among system admins and developers. Ansible can be used in cloud provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, intra-service orchestration and other automation needs. Features of […]

Set postgres password on PostgreSQL 9.4

The post will explain, how to set postgres password on PostgreSQL 9.4 . We expect , you have already install postgres 9.4 on your Ubuntu system . The user called postgres has all privileges to work in postgres server. It is like an administrator. After installing postgreSQL 9.4 , by default without password user can […]

Install postgresql 9.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server

PostgreSQL is an object-relational database system (ORDBMS). It is free and its source code is available. Many volunteers, individuals and companies are contributing to develop the postgresql , the group is often addressed as PostgreSQL Global Development Group . PostgreSQL is cross platform means it can be run on many Linux/Unix based Operating System, Windows […]

Install webmin on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server

Webmin which is a web based system administration tool for unix based servers . The post will guide you to install latest webmin on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server. The webmin has list of modules to manage the unix / linux servers. One of the well known module is Virtualmin which will talk later on our […]