How to upgrade to CentOS 6.6 from CentOS 6.x series

In this post we will learn, how we can upgrade to Cent 6.6 from CentOS 6.x series. By this method, you can upgrade from CentOS 6.0/6.1/6.2/6.3/6.4/6.5 . Doing regularly update is recommended practice. Whereas we have to check and consider many things. Hence, before upgrading to CentOS 6.6 we highly recommend you to read the […]

Enable verbose mode while gem install of package

This is a quick post on how to enable verbose mode while gem install of package. When we install package with gem command, it takes time to fetch the spec file from site . We require the verbose mode to check the progress of installation. It helps in troubleshooting in case there is any problem […]

Install Maxthon’s cloud browser on Ubuntu

Maxthon’s cloud browser is a speedy web browser available for various devices and operating system. It has free cloud features allow you to easily encrypt and share your Favorites, Quick Access and Magic Fill Data across your different devices using Maxthon’s cloud browser. Introductory Video Of Maxthon’s Cloud Browser : Maxthon’s cloud browser features : […]

How to set Name of EC2 instance by aws cli

Today, we are sharing a quick tip on AWS cloud computing. We will learn how to set Name of EC2 instance by aws cli. This task you can also do through AWS console dashboard but as a System Administrator it is good practice to use command line. At present AWS is top Cloud Computing provider. […]