Learn Linux

Learn Linux

We are glad that you want to learn Linux and visited this page. Currently the Linux is one of the best Operating System in current modern time. From end user to big corporate business, low end to high end devices, Linux has made its footprints every where. Around the world there are many Linux users, … Read more

What is Linux Internal And External Command

Internal External Command

Do you know when you run the Linux / Unix command it could be Internal or External ? In this article, we will learn about Linux Internal and External command. For identifying and understand on command type, here we have article for you. Linux/Unix has so many commands. If you know these commands, your Linux … Read more

Linux Basic Commands With Examples For Every Beginner

Linux basic command

In this Linux tutorial post, we are writing on all Linux basic commands with examples which every Linux beginner should know. It will help you to kickstart on any Linux Operating System. We expect, you have already installed the Linux Operating System in your system and we are ready to start the command in terminal. … Read more

How to install Java (OpenJDK) on Ubuntu Linux

install java OpenJdk on Ubuntu

Java is a class based, object oriented programming language. It is cross platform and widely use in developing applications. The Java was first developed in Sun Microsystem (Now acquired by Oracle). In this post, to install Java we will use the OpenJDK package. OpenJDK is a free and open source product implements Java SE which … Read more

How to Disable selinux in Red Hat or CentOS

disable selinux

In this post, learn how to disable selinux in Red Hat and CentOS Operating System. Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a Linux feature that provides the mechanism for supporting access control security policies. How to check the status of SELINUX in linux system Use the given below command to check SELINUX status getenforce Open the file … Read more

Install and setup maven in Linux for Jenkins

install maven linux jenkins

In this post we will guide to install and setup Apache Maven in Linux system. The same Apache Maven you can also use in Jenkins for building Java projects. The steps written in this article are generic and you can follow the same steps in almost all Linux distros. What is Apache Maven Apache Maven … Read more