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Minimised Application not visible in panel – RHEL 5

How to solve when the minimised applications in panel get disappeared in RHEL 5 ? Two days ago I found a very strange problem in my PC(I am using the RHEL 5.0 Operating System). Whenever I minimised my opened application like terminal,web browser,anything it did nt appear in bottom panel(Taskbar).I had to get back these application by pressing the keys alt+tab (“alt” along with “tab” key).I explore every setting but did not find any solution.Finally I decided to explore the things only in Panel.So how this problem is solved I am writing down its steps.

Step 1 : Right Click on bottom Panel
Step 2 : Select Add To Panel
Step 3 : Then scroll down and click the option “Window List” and click “Add” button
Step 4 : click “Close” button

Now the problem is solved,all minimised application are visible on my panel.I hope this solution will help others too.






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