How to upgrade Linux Mint 15 to Linux Mint 16

Recently,Linux Mint 16 (“Petra”) has been released on November-30-2013.Linux Mint 16 is based on Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy). The latest Linux Mint 16 will be supported until July 2014(The last release Linux 15 “Olivia” is supported until January 2014).

In this tutorial we will upgarde Linux Mint 15 (Olivia) to Linux 16 (Petra). In this practical we will use command line mode and do some changes in “Apt” source file.

Requirement: High speed internet bandwidth connection
Note: The process may take longer time and it depends upon the Internet Bandwidth speed

Follow the given below steps,to upgrade Linux Mint 15 to Linux Mint 16

Note: We suggest you to take the backup of important data before going to upgrade.

Step 1: Open the terminal and become a super user. Now you will be login as Root in the command line terminal

sudo su -

Linux Mint Terminal

Step 2: Now we will use only two commands to find and replace the keyword.
Here, we are replacing ‘raring’ to ‘saucy’ and ‘olivia’ to ‘petra’

find /etc/apt -type f -exec grep -l "raring" {} + |while read abc;do sed -i 's/raring/saucy/' $abc;done

find /etc/apt -type f -exec grep -l "olivia" {} + |while read abc;do sed -i 's/olivia/petra/' $abc;done

Note: In above commands,the find command is recursively finding the keyword in all files in /etc/apt directory and after this replacing the keyword in related files to new keyword by using sed command .

Step 3: Now update and upgrade to Linux Mint 16

apt-get update 
apt-get dist-upgrade
apt-get upgrade

During upgradation,sometimes you will notice message asking for keeping the new file.Type “Y” to accept. (By-Default,It will show you “N” for no,keep old file,so do not Enter without typing “Y” to accept)

Step 4: After upgradation process get completed.Restart the system and login into new LinuxMint 16

init 6

linuxmint 16

Step 5: This step is optional, in case if you do not see “Linux 16” in grub boot loader list after system restart.
Troubleshooting In my case,I has a multiple linux Operating System in my machine,it showed me name “Ubuntu” and “Linux Mint 15” in grub boot loader list. I selected “Linux 15” but I got “Linux 16” Desktop after login.It means,the grub was not properly updated while upgrade process.

I simply opened the terminal and type below given command to update the grub.It taken sometime and after this restarted the system.Now problem is solved,I am getting “Linux 16” in grub boot loader list.

sudo update-grub

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  1. I had success by following this method, even with very little Linux experience. I appreciate your efforts.

    However, after the upgrade there are now many duplicates within the ‘Preferences’ options. Bluetooth, Network, Power Management and a few others showing duplicate entries.

    Can someone direct me to a fix?



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