How to customize footer credit links in Genesis Child Theme

In this tutorial we will learn about,how to customize footer credit links in Genesis Child Theme.To increase my WordPress related knowledge to next level,I recently purchased the Genesis Framwework.To explore more,first I tried with Free Child Themes and later decided to purchase a Magazine Pro theme.
While working on both Genesis free child theme and magazine pro,I had to change the footer link.

Here,in this post I am sharing this code.By which we can customize the footer link.

Edit the functions.php file of your Genesis Child Theme.Paste below given code at the end of functions.php file.

//* Customize the credits at footer
add_filter( 'genesis_footer_creds_text', 'sharadchhetri_footer_credits' );
function sharadchhetri_footer_credits() {
echo '

'; echo 'Copyright © '; echo '2009 - '; echo date('Y'); echo ' · ·'; echo ' · Privacy Policy ·'; echo '

'; }

Replace the value as per your requirement.In above code,I am using my blog link,replace it with yours.

Note: We always recommend,After changing code ,first check in test system.If test site is working fine,then only go for deployment in live server.

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