How to setup Jenkins Credentials for Git repo access

git jenkins credential github

It is crucial and mandatory step that you have to setup Git Credentials for accessing Git repo calling from Jenkins Jobs. The Jenkins Credentials can be called by its variable also. This article will help you to setup Jenkins Credentials for Git repo access. It is basic of Jenkins and must read article. In our … Read more

How to manage Jenkins Credentials

Jenkins Credentials

In this article we will share information to manage Jenkins Credentials. As we know the Credentials are basically use for verifying the identity of user/group and their authentication. In simple layman term, credentials are user/password . To store and manage credentials in Jenkins we need plugins. While installing the Jenkins on server if you have … Read more

Managing Jenkins plugins from command line and GUI

manage jenkins plugin through command line and GUI

Jenkins Plugins play very important role for adding and enhancing the features in Jenkins. Managing Jenkins Plugin is also crucial. In simple term, manage Jenkins plugin carefully and in return you will get awesome functions and features. In this post, we will learn managing Jenkins plugin from command line and GUI. Because Jenkins is automation … Read more

How to create Jenkins user by command line and GUI

Create Jenkins user

In our previous post, we did installation of Jenkins on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server. Now in this post we will learn to create Jenkins user by command line and GUI method. In this article, we will use the term JENKINS_URL, it means the URL of your Jenkins server. For example – http://localhost:8080 or https://localhost. Therefor, … Read more