Install libjpegtran by using yum command in CentOS 6.x

In this tutorial we will learn,how to install libjpegtran by using yum command in CentOS 6.x. The libjpegtran is mainly used for optimizing the jpeg and jpg format files.This utility compress an image without losing the quality of file. If you are running a website which has lots of jpeg/jpg file, which may take time to load ,can slow down the website page loading speed. In this case you can optimize the

To install libjpegtran in CentOS, run the below given command

yum install libjpeg-turbo-devel libjpeg-turbo-static libjpeg-turbo

Example: Optimizing the original.jpg file.It will create a new file out.jpg without losing the quality. You will also find there is a reduce in size of new file as compared to original file.(check in your system)

jpegtran  -copy none -progressive  original.jpg > out.jpg

To know more about libjpegtran, run command man libjpegetran

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One response to “Install libjpegtran by using yum command in CentOS 6.x”

  1. jotobuw Avatar

    libjpeg-turbo-utils needed as well..

    yum provides jpegtran

    libjpeg-turbo-utils-1.2.90-5.el7.x86_64 : Utilities for manipulating JPEG images
    Repo : base
    Matched from:
    Filename : /usr/bin/jpegtran

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