How to install Magento in linux, bug issue is also solved

How to install magento- in linux, bug issue is also solved

In this tutorial we will learn How to install Magento in linux
While installing Magento I found a bug ,the bug is also resolved.

Details of Practical :

Operating System : Ubuntu 12.10
Arch : i386
Web Server : Apache
Database Server: MySQL

Follow these steps :

Step 1 : Download the Magento from .
You have to signup for free download.


Step 2: Install packages and all dependency

sudo su -

apt-get install php5-curl php5-mcrypt apache2 php5 mysql-server

Step 3: Untar the Magento in /var/www

sudo tar -xvjf magento- -C /var/www

Step 4: Create a database called magento and username magento. And set the password of user called magento in mysql and click continue button. Keep patience it will take a bit longer time to go in next page. (At that time it is creating tables and data in database)

root@tuxworld:~# mysql -u root -p
    Enter password:

    mysql> create database magento;

    mysql> CREATE USER 'magento'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

    mysql> GRANT ALL ON magento.* TO 'magento'@'localhost';

    mysql> flush privileges;

    mysql> exit; 

Step 5: Open the web browser and type

Here, I have installed in my system hence using http://localhost

Click on I agree to the above terms and conditions. And then click continue button


Step 6: Set your localization settings


Step 7: Fill all the Database server info like user name and password. See the given below screenshot.

Note: There is a bug in Magento code, error=> “PHP Extensions “0″ must be loaded”. To solve the issue read my this post.It hardly take 2 minutes to solve


Step 8: Create the admin account. Fill all the information and click continue


Step 9: Now you will get “You’re All Set!” page .It has one encryption key. Copy the key and paste in some file and save it to some safe directory.


The installation is Done.

When you click on Backend button, the admin login page will be opened. Give your admin username and password.


And after login how it looks,see below screenshot.


To see the Frontend : logout from Admin page and in web browser url type


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