How to add excerpt on wordpress thematic child theme

In this post we will learn,how to add excerpt on wordpress thematic child theme . Thematic framework is highly SEO optimized and it is also free.It is very simple,clean and lightweight. While working on Thematic framework,I enjoyed a lot.From scratch,I started creating a child theme on Thematic framework and modified many things.There was one thing on your blog which you always consider that is excerpt.

What is excerpt ?
The excerpt are a brief post summary.You can see in home page of our blog,we are using excerpt.
Excerpt helps to load webpage faster as compared to complete post on home page. In WordPress,you can put excerpt in given below pages
(1) Home page
(2) Archive Page
(3) Search Page
(4) Category Page
(5) Tag pages

After installing thematic framework, I copied already available child theme called thematicsamplechildtheme. This child theme is already present inside theme directory.The thematicsamplechildtheme child theme has only 3 files style.css,functions.php and readme.txt .
In WordPress child theme we generally work on style.css and functions.php .

To put excerpt in Thematic child theme, edit the functions.php file and add below given code

function childtheme_home_excerpts($content) {
 if (is_home() )
 $content = 'excerpt';
  return $content;
add_filter('thematic_content', 'childtheme_home_excerpts');

/** Below code is for Read more link **/

function new_excerpt_more( $more ) {
        return ' Read More';
add_filter( 'excerpt_more', 'new_excerpt_more' );

After using the above given code,the excerpt will be applied.Check in your blog’s home page. The post is now in short summary with Read More link .

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