About Me

I am a Linux System, DevOps, Automation and Cloud Engineer. My major is in Linux, Cloud Computing and Open Source technology.I have hands on experience in networking devices and Windows server also.

When I am away from my computer,I love listening to music,watching sports.comedy movies and shows.

If you like my post, share it with your friends,relatives and colleagues.
Do you have any question,please comment on the post.By this way I can improvise the post. Your suggestions and comments are very important for me,it helps me to write more and more useful post on this blog.

I prefer to freely help the NGO or any charity related organisation for setting up their network.If you need any help kindly feel free to contact me.
If you are an organisation or professional please do not hesitate to consider our freelance services.

A brief about sharadchhetri.com

I started writing on sharadchhetri.com to keep my technical stuffs online.A few technical notes which is saved in web world. The sharadchhetri.com is not only a blog but it helps me to keep my technical knowledge refresh.I run this blog on top Linux servers at AWS platform.

Now my main aim of writing on my personal blog is, to help my blog readers as much as possible.

I have been writing since 2009 but the sharadchhetri.com domain came into existence on 2011-03-03. Before purchasing my own name domain,I was writing on blogspot blog which is now deactivated.
Before 2013,I was not seriously and regularly writing the posts.During this period,I made myself busy in learning many technologies and working on many Open Source technology.In beginning of 2013,I decided to write as much as possible.I am still helping many geeks and noobs via email,comments section and taking remote session.
All my technical posts are practically completed by myself and applied on server.
The sharadchhetri.com is currently hosted in AWS cloud server. The server is setup by myself and I use some awesome technologies to run my server.

You can send email at admin@sharadchhetri.com for any business related queries. Open Source projects feel free to reach us for free support.

Server Information of sharadchhetri.com :

Operating System : Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Server
Caching : Nginx + FastCGI
Web Server : Nginx with PHP-FPM
Database : MySQL 5.7
CMS : WordPress
CDN : Cloudflare

This is my personal blog. The views expressed on these pages are mine alone and not those of my current/past employers. I do reserve the right to remove comments left by spammers or off-topic comments.


17 responses to “About Me”

  1. henrique neves Avatar
    henrique neves

    Excellent advises and guides — thanks A LOT.

    Would appreciate if you could grant me a simple (i’m just a noobe in Linux…) yet effective way or line command or script to bootload or whatever could be feasible to an ignoramus guy like me in order to enable some form of getting rid of the repeating msg.box asking for a pwd “to unlock the keyring…bla, bla….”. (i’m a Linux Mint devoted user).
    Once i’m sick and tired of this Google(??!?) gimmick, obnoxious, as usualy are the self justifyng mumbo-jumbos lines used to confuse and tire people up to surrender — which i’ve resisted to subdue to until now. THanking for your possible good attention.
    Kind Regards,

    1. sharad chhetri Avatar

      Linux is not just a Operating System, it is a devotion towards technology to learn and share.


  2. mohammad Avatar

    Hi ,

    I am getting below Error when I try to add user . could you please prove soluction to get resolve this issue.

    [root@localhost bin]# ./add-user.sh
    ./add-user.sh: line 66: java: command not found

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