How to install Owncloud 6 in Ubuntu 13.10 Server

In this tutorial we will learn,how to install Owncloud 6 in Ubuntu 13.10 Server.Recently, the Owncloud community has released its new verison called Owncloud 6. Owncloud is one the best alternative for Dropbox and Google Drive. You can self host the Owncloud very quickly in short span of time.You can access,share and sync the data from owncloud from computers and mobile devices.

Detail of Server in which practical is done

Operating System: Ubuntu 13.10 Server editon
Operating System Architecture: x86_64
IP Address:

To install Owncloud 6 in Ubuntu 13.10,follow the given below steps

Step 1: Become a superuser

Login into Ubuntu System.Open the terminal and become a superuser by typing given below password

Step 2: Add Owncloud repository information in Apt source list file

Run the below command to add Owncloud repo URL in Apt source list file

Step 3: Install Web Server,Database Server,Owncloud package and PHP 5

Run the below given command to install apache,mysql-server,owncloud and php version 5. While installation it will ask to give new password for MySQL root user.Hence give new MySQL root password while installation.

Step 4: Edit the apache2.conf file

First take the backup of apache2.conf file,

Now edit the apache2.conf, find the line <Directory /var/www> .Now replace AllowOverride None to AllowOverride All as given below.
Note: I have edited with vim editor,use your favorite editor

Step 5: Edit the owncloud.conf file

First we will take backup of owncloud.conf file. Clear all the contents from /etc/apache2/conf.d/owncloud.conf and paste below given content.

Step 6: Enable rewrite module in apache

Enable rewrite module in apache and restart the apache service

Step 7: Create Database and user for owncloud in MySQL server

We will create database called owncloud and mysql user called ownclouduser.Now login into mysql server.Create mysql user and database plus grant privileges to user on the database.

First restart the mysql (If mysql server is running then not require)

Step 8: Install Owncloud from Web interface

Open the browser and type http://IP-address-Of-Server/owncloud .Fill all the information field as asked in Webinterface

User Name : Give Admin user name
Password : Give Admin user’s password

Click on Advanced button

Data Folder: It will be selected by-default

In “configure the database” section,click on MySQL and fill

MySQL user : ownclouduser
Password : Give mysql ownclouduser password
Database Name : owncloud
Database Host: localhost

Owncloud 6

Now it takes a few seconds to complete and suddenly you will get next screen opened like this

Owncloud 6 dashboard

Now the installation is completed.Now you can start uploading,downloading,sharing the data in owncloud. With Admin user you can create user and install useful apps. Explore owncloud,it is awesome

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