Install pagespeed module ( mod_pagespeed ) on Apache Web Server : CentOS / RHEL

The opensource pagespeed module ( mod_pagespeed ) is widely used for speed up the websites. Pagespeed module is available for Apache and Nginx . Currently, to list your website on google top search page , your site must be opened quickly. Hence, speed matters for user end experience also. Now a days, users do not … Read more

ERROR: Module rewrite does not exist

While working on Apache Module in Ubuntu,I found rewrite problem in Apache Web Server.I tried to enable the rewrite module but got this error ERROR: Module rewrite does not exist!.After troubleshooting,I found the problem was with mod_rewrite module. After doing some more troubleshooting,it is found that the rewrite.load file was missing in /etc/apache2/mods-available/ . Now,I … Read more