make command not found in linux CentOS Red Hat ubuntu Debian

bash: make: command not found

Make command is generally used while installing the package from source code.
make utility helps to maintain groups of programs

There are four types of lines in a makefile: file dependency specifications, shell commands, variable assignments, and comments. In general, lines can be continued from one line to the next by ending them with a (backslash). The trailing newline character and initial white space on the following line are compressed into a single space.

Many times when I work in linux system I usually find this error message.I made a thought to write in a post which will help the newbie linux users.
To solve this issue use the below given command.

In CentOS and Red Hat

yum install make

In Ubuntu and Debian

sudo apt-get install make

Now check it make command will work

1 thought on “make command not found in linux CentOS Red Hat ubuntu Debian”

  1. root@drashti-Lenovo-Ideapad-320-15IKB:~# yum install make
    There are no enabled repos.
    Run “yum repolist all” to see the repos you have.
    You can enable repos with yum-config-manager –enable

    Getting and error .. can you help with this


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