How to read logs which are writing continuously : LINUX/UNIX

Question : I am newbie in Linux.I have a question,How to read logs which are writing continuously.I am using the Linux CentOS Server and wants to read the mail.log which is filling continuously.I just want to read the logs at the same time,when log file writing is running Answer: To read the file which are … Read more

Save iptables permanently on Ubuntu

In this post we will learn about how to save iptables permanently on Ubuntu.When we work on Red hat based Operating system like RHEL and CentOS.We can permanently set the iptables rule in /etc/sysconfig/iptables file . When you work on Ubuntu Operating System,you may find you are only able to set the iptables rule temporarily. … Read more

learn very useful alias command with examples

Here in this post,we will learn very useful alias command with examples.In linux and Unix like operating system,mainly we use the alias command to shorten the long command.It is something like instead of writing long command in terminal,you type a few letters on terminal and your desired command get run. To understand the meaning of … Read more