Introduction Cloud Computing

Introduction Cloud Computing


In Cloud Computing we can use the available services including the Hardware,software and various technology driven resources for eg. computers(Virtual servers),Storage,Database,Networking etc.

Currently Amazon’s AWS and Rackspace are big bulls in the cloud computing market.

As per my experience with cloud computing in AWS and Rackspace which I understand the vendor has setup the entire network by using Virtualisation technique,Networking with public and private ip addressing set up,Storage services, DNS and CDN technique, Mailing services,Queuing services,Monitoring System etc. The entire network system has redundancy and chance of fail or network unavailability is very less.

Some Vendors charges the services on hourly or monthly basis. The pricing are defined the type of service you choose.

The advantage of using cloud computing is you do not have to setup your own network,you do not have to invest lot of money to setup stable and redundant network, investment of money if I compare with quality of service is worthy.

The cloud computing has gain lot of attention and market. Vendors have race competition among themself on the
ground of pricing,quality of service and better customer care.

The cloud computing is good for small to big business guy.Yes some business needs their own network setup hence they can move to datacenters or have their own datacenter or server room.

Overall experience says it is awesome.


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